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Organization and Structure
Each association must consider the number of teams and the levels of those teams when creating their organizational structure. Below are examples of organizational structures given by three NCYSA members.
Sample Organizational Structure: (445 Recreation/Challenge Players)
Sample Organizational Structure: (210 Recreation/Classic Players)

Positions and Descriptions

NCYSA Mandated Positions

Chairman/President: Oversees all aspects of the association and is the primary interface with NCYSA. This person may also act as the Recreation Liaison in smaller associations.

Vice President: Works with the President to oversee all aspects of the association. Some large associations may have a VP in charge of recreation.

Secretary: The secretary works closely with the President and Board. The secretary records board meeting minutes and distributes minutes to board members. In addition most secretaries work with the registrar on paper work for NCYSA

Treasurer: Responsible for all accounts receivable and accounts payable. The Treasurer works closely with officers in charge of marketing and sponsorship. Treasurers are also responsible for all monthly, quarterly, or annual reports for their board.

Recreation Liaison: It is imperative that NCYSA have a recreation liaison contact for each association. That person must be identified with an address, a phone number (home, work, and/or cell phone) and an e-mail address is required. Should contact information change for a recreation liaison, North Carolina Youth Soccer Association should be immediately notified and supplied with new contact information. Our ability to communicate regularly with liaisons is directly related to how well we are able to fulfill our mission of bringing the message and the opportunity of recreation soccer to every child in the state. The recreation liaison is responsible for attending Recreation Council meetings and voting. This position is sometimes also held by the President of the association.

Head Registrar: This position is an agent of NCYSA and must be certified. Depending on the size of the association assistant registrars may be required. The registrar is in charge of ensuring that all players are registered with NCYSA providing players passes and rosters for each team.

Risk Management Liaison: All personnel working with your association must clear risk management with NCYSA.  Many associations have a separate person in this position although some give this responsibility to their registrar.

Referee Assignor: Each association must have a certified, registered referee assignor that is in charge of assigning referees for all games. Some associations share assignors. Assignors work with all levels of play in the association and sometimes are a paid position.


Discipline and Appeals: This position maybe held by the President in smaller associations or be a separate position. The DNA person acts as the first point of contact for local issues and handles association problems. They also maybe called upon by NCYSA to sit on a panel for state hearings.

Other Positions

Director of Coaching: Some associations may have a DOC that works with each level (classic, challenge, and recreation). Other associations may seek to have an officer work as a DOC in addition to other responsibilities. The DOC should oversee all coaching needs, look to establish Skills Nights, organize clinics, coaching education and direct summer camp for player development.  The DOC should also work with NCYSA to provide coaching education classes for its coaches.

Age Group Coordinator: Large associations with multiple teams in an age group may have age group coordinators. The AGC are empowered to develop and organize individualized programs for their respective age group including clinics, joint practices, friendlies, pre-tournament training, and attending college games as ball kids. Some associations may place the responsible of recruiting coaches on the AGC.

Field Coordinator: The Field Coordinator is responsible for making sure that the fields are in compliance with NCYSA guidelines and that a Certificate of Field Liability Insurance has been issued for each field that the association uses. Other responsibilities include maintaining and lining fields in addition to coordinating field availability with the Scheduler and Referee Assignor. Scheduling of games is handled through the association directly or outsourced to a paid Scheduler. This position may also be responsible for determining practice times and locations for all teams.

Director of Marketing/Sponsorship: Every association has different sponsorship needs and may have several people that help with fund raising and sponsorship. The primary responsibilities of this person are to solicit, retain, and bill team sponsors.

Tournament Director: Your association may wish to host a recreation tournament that is sanctioned by NCYSA. The Tournament Director is responsible fo filling out all necessary paperwork and organizing the tournament according to sanctioning guidelines.

Concession Coordinator: Concessions are handled differently based on who owns the parks where games are played. Concession stands can be outsourced to a company or handled internally. The concession coordinator needs to make arrangements for who will run the stand and what times the stand will remain open.

Webmaster: This position can be the additional responsibility of an officer or an additional position. It is important to have a person in charge of updating the webpage, who can deal with technology issues in the office.

Scholarship/Financial Aid: The treasurer may also be responsible for determining who receives a scholarship. The association should have a standard and application process for determining scholarships and there should be a person or committee responsible for selecting the recipients.

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